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Sunday, 12 September 2010


Hello and welcome aboard the good ship Tees, Tackles, and Tons.

For a fair while now, myself – Mr Will Pearson – and my good friend-cum-respected-colleague Mr Henry Salmon, have considered dipping a tentative toe into the world of blogging. Originally planning solo ventures we had the brainwave to amalgamate our efforts instead, combining to create a no-holds-barred Sports Super-Blog. Our “blog of two halves” is an antidote to the world of regular sports punditry.

We shall endeavour to produce regular – and usually alternate – individual pieces on a broad compass of sporting topics, presented in varying degrees of seriousness/silliness. The content of our blogs will range from features on current sports events and news; research-led sporting studies; and anecdotal pieces on our own sporting memories. Our individual efforts will also be supplemented by duodecannual (or monthly for philistines) extended articles on which we will collaborate to produce a unique take on sporting events. You will also be able to follow the most current/interesting of sporting news/events via our twitter ( which we shall aim to update at a verging-on-annoying rate.

Regardless, the common link between the content shall be the immutable love we share for all sport – from football, cricket, golf, to Man Versus Horse. The hope is that via this blog we might offer some modicum of comment on an assortment of multi-sport stories from a Pearson/Salmon view-point; alternatively one might suggest it merely presents us with the opportunity to talk/think/dream about sport more than we do so already.

And that’s fine by us.

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